Wedding fashion: Alternative mehendi look

Custom stiched from Andaaz Online
Custom stitched from Andaaz Online


Recently I’ve had a few custom-stitched outfits made from India and also a few made here in UK. Here’s one of my favourite alternative mehendi outfits. It’s had 2 outings already and is just a nice alternative to the usual green.


The bodice is fuchsia silk with heavy gold metallic thread embroidery, and is the main focus of the outfit. The sleeves can be lined but I chose the sheer option, with the gold thread embroidery. The rest of the outfit is pretty simple but the velvet striped border just gives a really nice finish and adds a little weight to the outfit so it hangs beautifully.


It’s a bit pricier than my usual outfits but I’ve worn it twice already and am planning to wear to a few Winter weddings too. Cost per wear is falling rapidly!



Outfit from Andaaz Online £89.

Jewellery: Rupali Online, approx £5 (from a sale back in 2011).

Bag: Primark £3 on sale in July 2014


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