Review: MeMeMe Correct & Perfect Concealer

Price: £6.99
Weight/ volume: cream concealer 1g, setting powder 3.5g (comparison: Bobbi Brown 1.4g/ 1.7g respectively)
Shades: 3
My shade: Taupe
Features: Creme concealer and setting powder in one split lid pot, inc mirror in lid. These are similar in concept to the old packaging of the Bobbi Brown 2-step concealer/ powder.
Purchased/ sample: Purchased (at 50% discount with Groupon)


Sales blurb:
Hydrating cream concealer and mattifying setting powder to hide tell-tale dark circles & blemishes

+ Smooth and creamy formula slides onto skin nicely when applying with brush but I needed a lot if product to get the same coverage as my Bobbi Brown concealer. After trying the formula with different brushes, I settled on finger application. I used the dab and pat method of application and then set with powder and a fluffy concealer brush. The coverage was much better the second day (when applied with fingers) and using much less product.

+ Fine setting powder. The setting powder is really good (shade and texture). It’s very fine and settles atop the concealer without disturbing it. You do need to use more if it than the Bobbi Brown concealer.

+ Stayed in place. The concealer was durable throughout the day and with proper eye preparation (eye cream/ colour corrector if required) and finish (setting with powder) it lasts almost as long as the Bobbi Brown concealer.

Poor shade range . Even the darkest shade (Taupe) was too light for me and looked very pale and ashy. I am olive/ golden skinned (MAC NC37) and am by no means dark skinned. For a cosmetics company to ignore shade ranges darker than olive is cutting their target demographic in half.

Yay or nay
Yay (if you’re fair-skinned), Nay (if you’re NC35/ N35 or darker)

I only gave it 3 out of 5 because of the poor shade range. If they had my shade then that would definitely bump it up to a 4 as it would then be a close dupe for the more expensive Bobbi Brown concealer.

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