Ramadan Skin Saviours #part3: Marula Oil

Ramadan Skin Saviours #part3: Marula Oil

Rosehip oil is my usual go-to for my skin (balanced but slightly dry). Over Ramadan my skin has been more dry than usual and needed more of a hydration boost. I remembered I’d bought a few additional oils in my last Amphora order and was pleased to find a bottle of Marula oil.

I’ve previously talked about finding the right facial oils for your skin type, as an introduction. I covered a few popular base oils, rosehip oil, jojoba oil and grapeseed oil but there are a wide variety of other oils with different skincare properties.

  • Price: £7.50
  • Volume: 25ml
  • Ingredients: Sclerocarya Birrea Seed Oil (marula oil)

Marula oil is high in vitamin A, C and E, anti-oxidants and oleic acid. The oleic acid penetrates the skin and gets to work straight away to replenish lost moisture.

The Marula Oil from Amphora Aromatics is a cold pressed oil, dispensed in a dark glass bottle (for preservation) and a glass dropper.

Tried & Tested

Texture: The oil itself is a thin oil that is easily absorbed into the skin.

Application: I like to place a few drops onto my fingertips and then press gently over my skin rather than rubbing it in.

Routine: After cleansing my face, I use my regular Q10 serum (Cien Q10 Serum), moisturiser (currently using Origins Ginzing moisturiser), then I press a few drops of Marula oil into my cheeks, chin and forehead. I let it absorb into my skin and apply a few more drops if needed.

Marula oil is a multipurpose oil that can be used on skin, hair, lips and cuticles. I’ve used it on my face daily for the past fortnight and my dey spots are disappearing. I’ve also been using it at night on my incredibly dry hands. It’s worked beautifully to deeply hydrate my hands and I plan to use it as a cuticle treatment to improve my overall nail condition.

The Verdict

After using sheet masks to boost my Ramadan dry skin, and trying out the Origins Hydrating mask, the Marula Oil has been the most effective. You can feel the difference after just one use and can top up just the areas you need to.

The Marula Oil is so hydrating and moisturising that I might ditch the rosehip oil and make Marula oil my go-to.

Marula oil is available from the Amphora Aromatics retail store on Cotham Hill, Bristol, or online at Amphora Aromatics. Soon to be available at the TC Beauty store at www.tcbeauty.co.uk/online-store.

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