Ramadan Skin Saviours #part1

Ramadan Skin Saviours #part1

It’s that time of year again, where non-Muslims everywhere collectively ask “What? Not even water?”

Yes folks, it’s Ramadan. The month where Muslims focus their time in prayer and self-discipline, and away from food/ water during daylight hours.

Fasting from dawn until dusk does mean that our skin can get extra dry, due to not having water throughout the day. I have a stash of sheet masks in my dressing table drawer and thought that last week was a good time to break into that stash.

After cleansing my skin, I opened the mask and gently peeled the layers open. This was a little fiddly, as the mask has slits cut out on the cheeks for easier fitting. I then held up the mask to my face, lined up the forehead and eyes then lightly pressed the mask to my face, making sure that my eyes, nose and mouth fell within the holes in the sheet mask.

Then I just sat at my desk and got on with work for 30 minutes or so. The mask is supposed to be for 15 minutes but it was quite comfortable and I lost track of time while working. After removing the mask I massaged the excess serum into my skin, then applied my normal daily skincare, minus my serum.

Price: £2.99 (currently on offer at £1.99 at Boots)
Variants: 10 – Sakura, Pomegranate, Green Tea, Coconut, Almond milk, Lavender, Charcoal, Vitamin C, Anti-imperfection, Night-time
Availability: Boots, Superdrug, multiple supermarkets nationwide

I have had issues with sheet masks in the past not quite fitting my face. The Sakura mask boasts new improved fit. How it does this is the cheek area has two slits to enable you to adjust it to the specific curves of your face. Also the eye area is much better fitted, or perhaps wider than they used to be, so my lashes don’t keep kicking it, and I don’t get stinging eyes either.

I was able to wear this mask while WFH and getting on with my normal work. Of course until the Teams video call request… which inspired this little TikTok. Yes, it really happened.

The verdict

My skin was left feeling hydrated, bouncy and radiant after the mask and my regular skincare routine. At the end of the day, I did a quick dryness test by feeling my skin (with clean, dry hands) and it was still well balanced without any dry patches. A win all round.

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