MAC Powder Kiss Liquid Lip – More The Mehr-ier

MAC Powder Kiss Liquid Lip – More The Mehr-ier

Mehr by MAC is one of my favourite wear-anytime-suits-everyone shade. I usually wear the Mehr matte lipstick in the bullet, but when saw a longwear lip formula for Mehr, I had to try it out.

MAC powder kiss Mehr 03

I first discovered Mehr when I used to work freelance at a makeover studio, as most of their makeup was MAC products. I was pleasantly surprised at how many different people’s skintones worked beautifully with Mehr and it fast became my go-to for a dusky pink soft glam lip. I have since used it on countless brides and have made it my own regular party wear lip colour.

Need to know

Price: £19.50 for 5ml

Shades: 23

My shade: The More The Mehr-ier

Purchased/ gratis: Purchased (with MAC pro-discount)

Sales blurb:

• Immediate and 10-hour moisture
• Long-wearing, 10 hours
• Blurs lines and smooths lips
• Soft-focus, blurred-colour effect
• Smooth, stay-true colour, 10 hours
• Fade-resistant, non-settling, non-creasing, non-flaking, non-drying

How true is the sales blurb?

Honestly, pretty accurate. It does give immediate moisture, and is long-wearing. It’s not still perfect looking after 10 hours including after careful eating/ drinking. but I only had to touch up the centre of my lips after lunch. For me, that’s not a bad result.

It doesn’t necessarily blur lines but it does fill in the lines a bit and not settle into cracks. That gives an overall smooth finish that gives the illusion of blurred lip lines.

More The Mehr-ier swatch

When MAC say it stays true to colour, I assume that means it won’t change colour or oxidise. To be honest, I have never had a liquid lip oxidise, so this seems like a weird ‘benefit’ to list.

The fade-resistant, non-settling, non-creasing, non-flaking, non-drying parts are al true, assuming you have prepped and exfoliated lips beforehand. Then you’re fine for long wear application for up to 10 hours. I usually take my makeup off as soon as a party is over, so I only have tested it for 6-8 hours, with a centre lip touch up after eating.

MAC Mehr on the lips
MAC The More The Mehr-ier on the lips

Pros and Cons

Aside from the plus points in the sales blurb, the one thing I really love about this is the applicator. It’s shaped like an hourglass and really does hug the lip for a smooth and even application. I did think that the lack of a precision tip might bother me lip-line wise but it was easy to get a nice crisp lip line without any cotton bud tidy-ups (ain’t nobody got time for that).

Also the pigment is insane. One light coat gives you true-to-colour even application. One coat and you’re done. Seriously.

The only downsides for me is the mild inconvenience of a post lunch top up in centre of lips, and… my bug bear that the shade is a little bit darker than OG Mehr bullet lipstick. Minor bug bear but that’s really it. Not really much to complain about with this lipstick.

The verdict

Overall I love the shade and the finish. If I wore lipstick more often I would definitely try out more shades in the range. As bullet lipsticks don’t expire as quickly as liquid lip colours, I prefer bullets. unless I’m in a phase of wearing makeup daily – which hasn’t been my thing for about 5 years now. But if you are a daily lipstick wearer, then the Powder Kiss lipsticks are definitely worth checking out.

MAC The More The Mehr-ier

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