La Roche-Posay Serozinc

La Roche-Posay have just launched their hugely popular Serozinc facial mist in the UK.

Serozinc is a facial toning mist for oily/ blemish prone skin and has been a holy grail facial mist across Europe. Finally due to popular demand it’s being launched this side of the Channel.

Key features:
Tightening pores
Fragrance free
No preservatives


I was lucky enough to meet Dr Leslie a few weeks ago at the launch event. Dr Leslie is a Consultant Dermatologist and has spent the last few years working with La Roche Posay developing products for oily/ blemish prone skin. She explained that Zinc Sulphate is the active ingredient.
Zinc sulphate reduces oilyness in all skin types but is particularly effective on oily or combination skin.


Application is simple. Just spritz and wait to absorb into skin. That’s it. Nothing more.

The suggested skin care routine is cleanse with regular cleanser, spritz with Serozinc, apply Effaclar Duo+, then moisturise. I’ve followed this routine for the past 3 weeks and have noticed a small improvement in my skin. I’ve been using Effaclar Duo for almost 2 years now and this has improved my skin significantly. Serozinc has taken that a little further but I expect that it will have a cumulative effect over time.

Rather than using as a facial mist, I’ve been spritzing over my makeup to revive my skin. Used this way it’s a great as a touch-up refresher when skin gets dry and lacklustre during the day.

Serozinc launches officially on Jan 1st 2015 via the exclusive distributor Escentual. RRP £8.50 for 150ml.

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