Kiko Eyetech Look Eyeshadow: Swatch it & see

These small eyeshadow pens caught my eye during my last Kiko Milan Cosmetics spree in Westfield Shepherds Bush.


What are they and how do they work?

Price: £5.90
Weight/ volume: 0.8g/ 0.02oz
Shades: 18
My shades: 01 Pale Gold, 02 Ice, 11 Golden Sand, 20 Avio Blue (numbers differ in Europe & UK)
Features: Automatic eyeshadow pen
Purchased/ sample: Purchased

Basically they’re automatic eyeshadow pens with up to 150 applications in each pen. They come in 18 colours but I only bought the shades I’ll use most; a shimmery gold, shimmery silver, deep antique gold, and a vibrant teal. They have a shimmery metallic finish and look great on the inner corners of the eye.


Each lid contains 0.8g of eyeshadow. Just dip and press to add more to the sponge-tip.

Best uses
* Personal use rather than on models or clients. The tips are not removable and are a bit of a faff to clean, so it’s not hygienic enough for sharing with others.
* Highlighting inner corners of the eye.
* Lining the undereyes with a pop of colour.


Available from Kiko Cosmetics online (Kiko online) or in-store at Westfield Stratford City or Westfield Shepherds Bush.

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