Kicking out the caffeine: Green tea

The humble cuppa. I am a believer in a cup of tea making everything feel better. That said, I’ve been cutting down my caffeine intake, and have really stepped this up over the past year. I am no stranger to herbal tea and fruit teas, but green tea has never really been my bag, until now.

I’ve been warming to the idea of green tea recently. I tried it years ago and disliked the bitter aftertaste. I do however have green tea as the base for my favourite bubble tea. That encouraged me to try it again, and I was looking for a peach green tea, like the base for my favourite bubble tea, but I stumbled upon the Mango & Lychee green tea by Twinings.

The light, fruity mango and lychee take the edge off the green tea aftertaste that I disliked. The lychee is a subtle flavour that, to be honest is more about the fragrance as I can’t taste as much of it in the tea, but I sure can smell it, and it’s gorgeous. Lychee is one of my favourite fruits, hey, I’m a deshi so of course I love the fruits of my home country.

As summer approaches, and of course, Ramadan, I am planning ideas for summer coolers and refreshing iftar drinks. The Mango and Lychee green tea is shaping up to be my top iced tea chiller on my dining table for this Ramadan. It won’t replace my virgin mojitos or the fruit smoothies but it will be a welcome addition to my fridge come May 27th.

Since finding this little gem I’ve been addicted… and no this post is not sponsored, thought I’d love to try more from the range, if I can tear myself away from the Mango and Lychee.

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