Hair hacks: DIY bungee band

Hi there ladies and gents. A little hair hack for you, as let’s be honest, we all love a shortcut.
When working with luscious, thick hair, particularly if it’s longer than shoulder length, a simple hair elastic just won’t cut it. I tend to use bungee bands but when you get through them as fast as I do (obvs passing on to clients) they can get quite expensive. Here’s where a little hair hack comes in handy.

Instead of buying bungee bands at £5 for 2 or thereabouts, just grab a couple of kirby grips or bobby pins and a sturdy but slim elastic band. Thread the kirby grips at each end of the circle. Double it up and there you have your own diy bungee band.

You use them by pinning one kirby grip at the base of your ponytail, and wind the band around as tight as you need to. Then use the other kirby grip to pin into hair at base of ponytail, preferably locking it into the band so it doesn’t slip.


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