Fiver Friday: Lidl Q10 Intensive Serum

Fiver Friday: Lidl Q10 Intensive Serum

Hey hey, it’s Fri-dayyyyy… So here’s another great beauty buy for under £5.

This week is a skincare favourite of mine and definitely one of my favourite finds of 2020.

Cien Q10 Intensive Serum £2.99

The Cien Q10 Intensive Serum is a daily use serum from Lidl’s own brand skincare range. Made in Germany, its quality rivals that of Q10 serums from Nivea, Olay, and the Inkey List but at a bargain price of only £2.99.

Active Ingredients

Co-enxyme Q10 is an anti-oxidant that aids skin regeneration and helps skin maintain elasticity. The Cien Q10 Intensive Serum also contains almond oil for skin hydration, and hyaluronic acid to aid in moisture retention.

It’s a great all-rounder serum for over 30s skin and I’ve been using a small amount twice daily since the start of 2020. For £2.99 it’s a budget buy that plays with the big boys and wins.

Cien Q10 Intensive Serum is available from Lidl stores across the UK and Europe.

RRP £2.99 in UK. Prices in Europe may vary.

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