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Once upon a time, I thought that resin jewellery looked like cheap plastic and couldn’t match the class and sophistication of gemstone jewellery. Then I found Amrita Singh jewellery

Having discovered Amrita’s jewellery pieces a few years ago through Secret Sales, I’ve become a bit of an addict.

My collection of jewellery from Amrita Singh’s Hamptons Collection.

Amrita’s jewellery designs vary from resin jewellery (see above pic of my selection of jewellery from the Hamptons Collection) to old Hollywood glamour (Vintage Collection) to classic jade and pearl gemstone designs (Maharaja Collection). Each collection has its own unique style. Other collections available from her website include the Bangle Bangle collection, the Capri collection, the Aztec collection, the Victorian collection, the Pearls of Wisdom collection and the Sterling Silver collection.

What draws me to her designs is the day to night wearability of big, bold pieces. A statement necklace can jazz up even the most boring office outfit. A bold bangle brings an edge to your outfit of the day.

I have now built up quite a collection of statement necklaces, colour-pop earrings and mixed medium bangle sets.

I’m in love with the more Asian-style jewellery, especially the bangle sets. My favourite bangle sets are the Rupal and Rupal Spring sets.



These work just as well with Asian party outfits and sarees as they do with western dresses or formal wear. Take a few bangles out of the set and you can dress them down for day wear.

Amrita’s eye-catching pieces have caught the attention of top stylists (regularly on Gossip Girl and American Idol) and fashionistas too. Amrita Singh jewellery has been worn by a wide range of celebs including Christina Hendricks, Kim K, JLo, Anne Hathaway, Tamara Mellon, and even Princess Mary of Denmark. The list is impressive and with the versatility and universal appeal of the pieces, you can see why celebrities, stylists and regular women like us can’t get enough.
See the full list of Amrita Singh celeb clientele.

The only downside is that the jewellery is a bit pricey. Individual bangles start at $20, with sets starting at $75. Metal, pearl, fabric necklaces start at $75, resin necklaces (Hamptons collection) start from $150 and go up to $450, gemstone necklaces can cost as much as $875. Maharaja collection prices upon request only – so definitely out of my price range.
Rings are more affordable and start from $25, and earrings are priced from $25 and go up to $400.

The good news is that in true Asian spirit, you don’t have to pay full price. You can find them with up to 50% price reductions online. In the UK Secret Sales and Brand Alley have Amrita Singh as one of their regular designer brands every few months. In the US, head to Haute Look for similar discounts.



These pieces above make for a great outfit updater, when paired with simple shift dress or plain blouse for the office. I even wear the bangle set for work. Simply substitute the crystal bangles for colourful bangles from another set and you can wear for work without looking overdone. Just keep outfit colour and style very simple, and remaining accessories at a minimum.

Not convinced yet? Check out her stunning Maharaja gemstone collections online at


Unfortunately the Maharaja collection is a little outside my budget and never on sale.
The crystal sets are also a little out of budget for me. They are often reduced in certain colours at Amrita’s own site but unfortunately once you add shipping from the US and import tax, it wipes out most of the savings.

Alas… A girl can dream… and drool over the stunning Maharaja style jewellery, while splurging on the more affordable pieces from other collections.
My current shopping list? The peridot and aqua crystal earrings (also available in a wide range of other colours) and the gold cuff bangle below.



Keep your eyes peeled for the next sale and you could pick yourself up some of these beauties… unless I get there first!

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