Crafty upcycling: DIY Reed Diffuser

Crafty upcycling: DIY Reed Diffuser

Once upon a time, we all used to go out to parties and weddings. Little Zamzam water bottles are popular choices as wedding favours at Muslim weddings, and I’ve accumulated quite a few empty bottles over the years.

So what do you do with them all afterwards?

Step by step

Here’s a five-minute upcycle that I made recently for my daughters’ room.

  • Boil fresh water in the kettle and allow to cool
  • Once cooled, fill the glass bottle halfway with the cool boiled water
  • Add 6 or 7 drops of your chosen essential oil (my daughter chose amber and frankincense, so I used 3 drops of each)
  • Trim 4 bamboo skewers and place in the jar of scented water
  • Take a small strip of foil and place around the bamboo sticks at the top of the bottle so that it covers any gaps
  • In time, the fragranced water will be absorbed by the bamboo sticks and release the scent into the air

It’s very important that the water is boiled first to kill bacteria, so that no mould or mildew grows on the bamboo sticks.

I don’t like to throw the bottles in recycling as they are printed with the Bride and Grooms names and sometimes a small dua. However, I do love to upcycle or reuse where I can.

Give it a go and let me know how you get on.

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