My new-old skin saviour – Clinique Moisture Surge

Quite simply, Clinique’s Moisture Surge is is heaven in a pot. For real.

I call it a new-old product as it may be new for me, but has been a staple in the Clinique range for years.

What is the Moisture Surge Intense Skin Fortifying Hydrator?

An oil-free gel-base moisturiser that hydrates and helps strengthen and repair the skin barrier.


What’s in it?

  • Sodium hyaluronate [hyaluronic acid – aids water retention in the skin]
  • Glycerin [humectant: a substance that helps draw moisture from the environment to aid water absorption]
  • Olive squalane [natural emollient and natural antioxidant]
  • Red algae extract [enhances skin barrier, replenishes the skin’s natural water reservoir, increases moisture-retention]
  • Aloe barbadensis leaf juice [soothes skin]
  • Cholesterol [stabiliser, emollient, and water-binding agent]
  • Linoleic acid [plant-based omega-3 fatty acid with skin-conditioning and skin-restorative properties]
  • Vitamin B6 [has many dietary benefits, but no evidence of benefits when applied topically to the skin]
  • Wheat-bran extract [source of vitamin E, helps reduce skin damage, collagen production and improves skin tone], and
  • olive extract [emollient and antioxidant].

How to use

Apply twice daily, onto clean skin, after cleansing/ toning/ applying serum but before sunscreen.


Who is it for?

Anyone with:

  • dry or very dry skin
  • temporarily dehydrated skin (e.g. after air travel, exposure to air con)
  • weak skin barrier


Who isn’t it for?

Those with very oily skin that gets oily all over. It is fine for combination skin but I would apply a lighter moisturiser to the t-zone and only apply this on areas prone to dryness.


What’s the verdict?

I love this moisturiser on my skin, which is normal to slightly dry. It gives me long lasting hydration without being greasy or oily. I also love that it can be applied over makeup if needed. Occasionally if I’m trying out a new foundation or concealer, they can cake over dry areas of my skin. I can just pat and blend a touch of the Moisture Surge over the dry area and it smooths and hydrates it, leaving no traces of dry, flaky foundation. For me it’ a bit of a love-in. The price is steeper than the other moisturisers I’m used to, but this is worth every penny.


Clinique Moisture Surge Skin Fortifier is available from Boots stores/ online, or from department stores nationwide. Currently with 10% off at Debenhams (buy here – non-affiliate link).

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