Apocalypse Red: L’Oreal Matte Lip Paint

L’Oreal are really late to the matte lips party. Matte liquid lip colours have been doing the rounds for a good 4 or 5 years now, and only now are L’Oreal getting in on the action. So was it worth the wait?

Price: £6.99

Volume: 8ml

Shade range: 9 shades

Finish: 4 gloss, 5 matte

Purchased/ gratis: purchased


What’s the 411?

The texture is more of  matte lip cream than a liquid lip, which is a good thing in terms of it having a lovely creamy non-drying texture. The flip side is that it doesn’t ‘set’ like the matte liquid lip formulas of other brands and so is more prone to smudging and colour bleed around the lip line.

The shade itself is a gorgeous and very wearable deep true red, with blue undertones. The importance of the blue undertones is that this type of red gives teeth a whiter appearance, whereas orangey reds make them appear more yellow.

The applicator is a novel shape. It’s a flocked lip gloss style applicator but is shaped with a little indent or groove . This allows really precise application around the lip line as the applicator almost hugs the edge of the lip line. The formula itself did bleed around my lip line the first day that I wore this. Since then I’ve either lined with a clear waxy liner or lined and filled with a matching red lip liner.

The formula is smooth and covers the lips evenly without settling in any dry patches. The matte lip paints have a a good level of pigment that covers the darker patches of my top lip with just one coat. It’s not transfer-proof and so will need topping up after eating and drinking.


The verdict

I like this matte lip cream for a number of reasons but there isn’t really anything special about it. It is very similar to the NYX matte lip creams, which have been around since the beginning of the matte lip cream revival in 2011-ish. I’ll keep using this until it runs out but won’t be repurchasing as I prefer the NYX matte lip creams. However if you don’t already have every matte lip product under the sun (yep, guilty as charged) then it is a nice one to snap up the next time there is a 3 for 2 offer in Boots.

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