Brand spotlight: Amphora Aromatics #ad #affiliate

Amphora Aromatics was founded in Bristol in 1984 and is now one of the UK’s leading aromatherapy & essential oils suppliers. I’ve been using their oil burners and essential oils since my teens, yet had no idea they were a local company.

I chanced upon their factory in Old Market, when parking by Gardiners. As soon as I got out of my car there was the most beautiful aroma on the air. Unusual to say the least given the traffic and pollution in Bristol City centre. I looked around and saw their familiar amphora logo, and it hit me that this little Bristol gem had been hiding in plain sight. I had driven past so many times, oblivious to the amazing concoctions being cooked up inside.

I’ve visited their Cotham store and have used many of their skincare oils, lotions and shampoos over the years. Here are a few of my favourites.

Aloe Vera and Arnica are two of my most used natural first aid remedies for both myself and my children. In the summer, these are pretty much essential. Arnica for the endless bumps and bruises the children get in the garden, the park, or just wrestling at home; Aloe Vera for bites or healing skin and to soothe Imaan’s eczema flare-ups.

Rosehip oil is perfect to mix a few drops in with foundation for clients with dry skin. The finish is a beautiful, slightly dewy look that adds natural radiance.

For oily/ combination skin types, grapeseed oil is the perfect foundation mixer. I like using this with the Kevyn  Aucoin Sensual Skin Enhancer, which is really highly pigmented but needs a little ‘slip’ to blend better onto the skin. This works on pretty much all of my clients. Love. Love. Love.

The PMT lotion uses an innovative blend of aromatherapy oils to ease symptoms of PMT. Chamomile can ease menstrual symptoms (source: Srivastava, Shankar & Gupta), clary sage eases muscle & joint pain, while lavender and neroli have calming properties. I don’t suffer heavily from PMT but have used this on occasion. It has soothed my symptoms and the massaging into the skin also has muscle relaxing benefits.

Due to the chamomile & clary sage, this product is not to be used by pregnant women. That said, as it’s marketed as a PMT lotion, that shouldn’t be an issue.

Dead sea salt is widely used in many skin and body lotions to soften and cleanse the skin. It is high in naturally occuring minerals and so this mask offers a deep cleanse experience leaving super smooth, soft skin.

My last recommendation is from Amphora’s Organic Collection. It’s a lightweight waxy lip balm that melts into an oily finish. This is best used as an intense overnight lip treatment and is my ‘go-to’ winter lip treatment for my dry, chapped lips.

I use so many Amphora Aromatics products on myself, my children and my clients, that I have become a licensed distributor for Amphora. I love finding high quality, simple yet effective products for my clients; the added bonus is that I can support a local business too.

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